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AppointmentsIQ is an on-demand sales team, specializing in Appointment Setting, Lead Generation, Sales Coaching and Training, Sales Recruiting and Everything Networking Events. Simply put, we work with companies to fill their pipeline, train their sales team, recruit new team members and provide all the networking opportunities to make it happen. |

E Leader Experience

Leadership isn’t something that you can learn in a weekend or at a conference. This is something that is going to take effort and reflection, and will challenge you at every level. E Leader Experiences will take you on a journey to develop the skills needed and insights gained so you too can show up as a leader for others and for yourself. Our programs cater to and developed specifically for:

🙋 The Emerging Leaders: You’re dabbling with leadership and need to develop yourself for a better career and to be the best for your team.

🤷 The Entrepreneurial Leader: With everything on the line every day, leadership can get lost when you are wearing so many hats. You need to strengthen this muscle to grow yourself and your business

👨‍💼👩‍💼 The Executive Leader: When you’re at the top, the stakes are even higher. Your leadership defines the company positively or negatively. |


Rob Johnson Communications

Effectively achieve your communications needs. With Rob’s background in communications strategy, journalism, media, and political engagement, he is a communications expert who reacts and guides proactively and decisively against the backdrop of any context, especially now during these uncertain times, helping you with internal and external communications needs, PR, media and message strategy, branding and marketing, virtual presentation training, crisis management, virtual shareholder and town hall meetings, and virtual charity event production and hosting.

Core areas of expertise:

Strategic Communications| Board Advisory Services | Covid 19 Communications | Advocacy and Promotion | Marketing and Branding | Charitable Organizations | Remote Presentation Training | Crisis Management | Public Relations | Coaching and Mentoring |

eCareer Coaching

Are you looking for a new position?

How about a sales presentation for your services or skills that you need to prepare for?

Or maybe you’re looking to develop and create an indelible, positive impression?

Benefit from DonO’s extensive experience with a 1-hour strategic branding session. You will learn how to present better, stronger, impressions and avoid the most common (human) pitfalls.

Get the help you need with branding needs and more importantly, self-branding usage strategies. |

Just Case Studies

We wrote the book on case studies, literally! Case studies for businesses are all we do. We turn your customer success stories into compelling videos and writing that build the trust people need to buy from you and increase your profits. If you’ve helped even just one customer find success, you’ve got a great story to tell and we can help. |

The Corporate Break Up
 “Entrepreneur Services for Small Business Owners”
The Corporate Breakup is an award-winning coaching company with services that serve a broad range of entrepreneurs from Youth Entrepreneurship, Small Business Owners and Independent Contractors.  There are currently 3 products offered through The Corporate Breakup:

Business Plan Authors Program

Description: The Business Plan Authors’ 12-week program will result in clients acquiring a complete business plan outlining three key factors that go into a funding application such as business loans and grants.  Based on The Corporate Breakup’s awarding winning grant, the key factors of a business plan are centered around 1. Problem/Solution, 2. Processes/Steps.  3. Budget.  Our team of Authors will capture your vision, coach you in planning your vision, then WRITE the plan for you within a 12-week period.  Your responsibility includes scheduling weekly check-ins to assure that our writers are on task with your vision.  The produced business plan will be nimble enough and used as a resource for various projects that require your vision to be outlined in detail.

I.C.E. Training Program

Description: The Independent Contractor Extended 8-week Training Program will result in newly hired to 3rd year contractors acquiring a complete knowledge base of the business landscape and harnessing their skillset to create pathways to pursue entrepreneurship.  The program will assist in their success as a new entrepreneur working as an independent contractor. This program will serve as an extension of the independent contractor’s industry learning provided by the companies which they contract from.  Additionally, this is much more than an extension of industry training; it is a conduit to instill pride, accomplishment, and ownership in their businesses.

Maknificent Imprint

Promotional products, also known as ad specialties, are used by virtually every business in America. Why? Items like mugs, pens and t-shirts are memorable and provide a better cost per impression for advertisers than almost every major marketing effort like TV, magazines and the Internet. MaKnificent Imprint is able to supply your company with every possible promotional product from over 3000 suppliers. With so many ad specialties available there is a huge opportunity for professionals like you to boost ROI and leave a lasting impression with your customers. Our mission is to help you create long-lasting relationships with your clients through the power of promotional products.

The Ward Powell Group

Our approach for business owners whose objectives are to protect their assets, increase their cash flow, and reduce income taxation are at the center of our business philosophy. We provide sophisticated planning strategies to accomplish these goals for each individual client’s financial position.

Retirement Planning

Employers interested in enhancing their retirement benefit plan with maximum service without adding an additional department have stopped at the right place. For business owners interested in launching a new plan or switching to another provider, our selective consulting process is provided at no charge to your firm.

Estate Planning

We educate and facilitate the process of providing our clients with basic revocable and irrevocable living trusts. Estate Planning protects clients from the unnecessary ills of probate.

Luxury Lakefront Charters

Luxury Lakefront Charters is the epitome of luxury yacht rentals, offering unforgettable experiences that make you feel like royalty on the water. With over four years of expertise, we are the leading choice for those seeking opulent and sophisticated adventures. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that every moment spent on our meticulously curated fleet of sleek and stylish motor yachts is flawless and memorable. From the moment you step on board, our dedicated crew attends to your every need, creating an atmosphere of elegance and indulgence.

What sets us apart is our meticulous attention to detail and personalized service. Our diverse range of luxurious motor yachts caters to every taste and occasion. With a multitude of five-star reviews, we have earned our reputation as the best in the business. When you choose Luxury Lakefront Charters, you choose a voyage that exceeds expectations and leaves you with cherished memories. Experience the pinnacle of luxury yacht rentals and let us transform your dreams into an extraordinary reality.






Knot Standard: Custom Menswear + Womenswear
Much of the menswear and womenswear industry has come to settle on a standard that is mediocre. Fast, cheaply constructed clothing that fits poorly, has short lifespans, and lacks personality. We do not accept those standards.We believe that every man and woman should look their best at all times, wearing clothing that is custom-made for them alone. Clothing made to superior standards, with the finest and most versatile fabrics available, utilizing cutting-edge technology and unparalleled skill at every turn. That is our standard.
John Ballay and Matt Mueller founded Knot Standard in 2012, after meeting as young expats in Dubai. They were both inspired by the bespoke clothing so readily available in the region, and felt that men and women back home deserved the same level of attention, quality, and customization. They created Knot Standard to unite their shared interests–custom menswear and womenswear, technology paired with human ingenuity, upending the prevailing standards of fashion. With the overriding belief that a person’s style should be as individual as they are, they continue to push Knot Standard forward.
Knot Standard has 8 showrooms nationwide and has been in Chicago since 2015. With our continued growth, we have decided to label ourselves as a technology company that offers SaaS (CRM, eCommerce, and a patented fitting system/app). We have gained the attention of very large and very prestigious companies such as: Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers, Zegna, Canali, Ted Baker and Hugo Boss. As of now, we are in 27 Nordstrom locations (Michigan Ave | Oakbrook, IL) and anticipate to be in over 50 locations by the end of 2023. Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers, Zegna, Canali, Ted Baker and Hugo Boss have all bought into our patented fitting system/app. What that means is, when you get custom garments from them, you are being fitted the Knot Standard way. We are very happy with the companies that have acquired and embraced our technology, and are excited to be paving the way custom garments are now being fitted and elevating everyone’s standard.
Contact Elias Jimenez at
Chicago Chop House

Chicago Chop House is located in the bustling River North neighborhood in downtown Chicago at 60 W. Ontario Street. Our building is a historic 120-year old Victorian brownstone built in 1897 that has been renovated. Lining the walls of one of Chicago’s original steakhouses are more than 1,400 historic photos featuring iconic sports, entertainment and political personalities, including photos of every mayor. Outside, you can’t miss our beautiful Courtyard — a perfect place to enjoy a moonlit dinner.

Our menu features legendary dishes including stunning steaks, fresh seafood and decadent sides.

We are open nightly for dinner Monday through Sunday from 4 p.m. – 10 p.m or you can contact us to have your next private event!

For all event inquiries or other questions, please contact Erin Aldana, Events Manager, at or by phone at 312-787-7100




Shift Happens

We assist individuals and organizations to Revitalize, Reinvigorate, and Reimage their future at the intersection of Innovation, Customer Engagement, and Performance Management using ChatGPT.  We deliver certainty in an uncertain world by offering a single-source solution.

Contact Here

Semper Fit Meal Prep
Semper Fit Meal Prep -Founded By Victor Ramos is a veteran owned business, Semper Fit Meal Prep has a unique focus on Personal and Professional Transformation with Energy filled Nutritional Support.
Our systems help craft and design customized weight loss and weight gain plans that stand above the rest, including high performance and competition preparation programs.
FB: Victor Gabriel
        Semper Fit Meal Prep
IG: @semperfitmealprep

OK AGENCY is a Full-Stack Marketing and Design Company.

We light up the Stars!

Our Value:

Imagine you never hire but you have:

  • Marketing Director and Team
  • Brand Manager 
  • Creative Director and Team of Designers
  • Own Photo Studio and Photographers
  • Social Media Manager


And that’s how we work with our clients. Our clients save tons of money and time, as they don’t need to hire a Marketing & Design team.

We provide a full cycle of Marketing and Design Solutions: 


Market analysis, development brand strategy, strategy implementation, brand management, social media marketing


Logo, brand books, graphic design, all types of prints, UX / UI design, web design, social media video & graphic design, outdoor advertising, interior design (residential & commercial)


  • Business style photo shoot
  • Photo shoots for advertising
  • Photo shoots for social media
  • Products / food photography
  • Portrait photo shoots

All types of Prints:

  • Business cards
  • Flyers, brochures, catalogs, annual reports
  • Signs, banners, posters, billboards
  • Labels stickers, packaging 
  • Invitation for events (regular & EXCLUSIVE)
  • Envelopes 
  • Gifts: souvenirs, mugs, cups
  • Pens and pencils
  • Clothing and caps 
  • Chocolates & drinks with your brand
  • Bags / backpacks (textile and leather)
  • Any promotional materials
  • Exhibition kits

Our contacts:




Phone: 779-771-07-00


Efunding Experts

Efunding Experts is a funding platform catering to entrepreneurs nationwide. It offers a diverse range of funding solutions, including term loans, lines of credit (LOCs), and hard money loans. Moreover, it emphasizes speedy access to capital, with the ability to provide funds in cash within 3-5 business days on average. This accessibility and quick funding turnaround can be valuable to entrepreneurs seeking financial support for various business needs, making Efunding Experts a potentially attractive option for those in search of flexible and expedient funding solutions.

The Green Hornet Restoration

My name is Steve Martinez, I’ve been in the Restoration business for 39 years. Helping multiple franchises, on built their empire and decided to go on my own and open my own empire company to help families, businesses for residential & commercial. After their major disasters of fires, flood, storms, hurricanes, tornadoes.

Choose You Consulting with Coach Virginia Rose

Overview: Choose You Consulting, led by the renowned Coach Virginia Rose, is a multifaceted coaching and consulting enterprise dedicated to empowering individuals in the fashion and entertainment industry as well as business professionals and entrepreneurs. With a diverse background as a celebrity published fashion photographer, model, artist, mogul, international best-selling author, motivational speaker, hit podcast host, and dancer, Coach Virginia Rose brings a wealth of experience to the table. Each valued client receives one-on-one coaching. From the deep dive process, to goal setting, to accountability, skill building and mindset transformation you will see results.


  1. Mindset Coaching:
    • Transformative coaching sessions aimed at cultivating a positive and resilient mindset for success in the competitive fashion and entertainment industry.
  2. Safety in the Industry:
    • Comprehensive training on industry safety standards, ensuring professionals are well-versed in creating and maintaining secure working environments. Whether you are on set, going to a go see or a photo shoot or anywhere in between safety should always be a number one priority.
  3. Acting and Runway Instruction:
    • Tailored coaching for aspiring actors and models, covering acting techniques, runway skills, and the nuances of stage presence.
  4. Voice Overs and Artistic Expression:
    • Specialized guidance in voice-over techniques, vocal lessons and artistic expression, helping individuals harness their unique talents for maximum impact on stage or even preparing to audition or record.
  5. Photography Mastery:
    • Industry-focused photography coaching, encompassing professional goal setting, advanced posing techniques, and networking strategies to elevate skills and career prospects.

Key Features:

  1. Celebrity Expertise:
    • Benefit from the insights and experiences of Coach Virginia Rose, a celebrated figure in the fashion and entertainment industry.
  2. International Best-Selling Author:
    • Gain access to exclusive knowledge and wisdom derived from Coach Virginia Rose’s internationally acclaimed publications.
  3. Motivational Speaking and Inspiration:
    • Engage in powerful motivational sessions that fuel creativity, resilience, and passion for pursuing goals in the challenging entertainment landscape.
  4. Dance Instruction:
    • Learn from a seasoned dancer, incorporating dance as a form of self-expression and a means to enhance stage presence. Improve your confidence and your stage presence.
  5. Holistic Approach:
    • Choose You Consulting adopts a holistic approach, addressing not only technical skills but also nurturing personal growth, confidence, and well-being. Mental health and maintaining over all positive mindset is absolutely key for success in the industry.

Target Audience: Choose You Consulting caters to aspiring and established professionals in the fashion and entertainment industry, including models, actors, photographers, singers, dancers, artists, authors, podcasters and entrepreneurs.

Mission: Empower individuals to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals with confidence and authenticity by providing unparalleled coaching and mentorship under the guidance of Coach Virginia Rose.

In a world where success demands a combination of skill, mindset, and industry knowledge, Choose You Consulting stands as the beacon of support for those who aspire to excel in the competitive realms of fashion and entertainment. She will put you on the fast track, motivate you and assist you with the follow through of achieving your dreams.
TonyP members are invited to schedule a 30 minute free consulting call for FREE as well as
$25 dollars off your first virtual coaching session with Coach Virginia Rose
FB: Virginia Hodges (Virginia Rose)
IG: @Chooseyouconsulting
LMS Printing and Promotions

Elevating Brands Since 2008

Founded in 2008, LMS Printing and Promotions is a dynamic full-service printing and promotional products specialist headquartered in the vibrant Chicago NW suburbs. With a steadfast commitment to delivering high-quality products, we have become synonymous with helping companies and clients amplify their brand identity through innovative printing solutions.

Mission and Values:

At LMS, our mission is to empower businesses to leave a lasting impression by providing top-notch printing and promotional products. We are driven by values of quality, creativity, and client satisfaction.

Comprehensive Services:

LMS stands out as a brand specialist, offering a diverse range of services to create, build, and promote clients’ brands effectively. With access to over 3 million products from 3000 manufacturers, we cater to various branding needs, including merchandising, laser cutting and engraving, wide format printing, stickers, labels, decals, direct UV printing, and in-house manufacturing.  Operating from our expansive 2500 square foot facility, we take pride in our ability to manufacture and print a myriad of items with remarkably low minimums. This allows us to provide personalized and tailored solutions to meet the unique demands of our clients.

Unique Brand Ownership:

In addition to our extensive services, we proudly own the Osage Pen Company brand. Specializing in crafting one-of-a-kind, hand-made wood and acrylic custom ballpoint pens, this brand exemplifies our commitment to uniqueness and quality craftsmanship.

Global Reach:

Our client base spans across 6 countries, a testament to our ability to serve diverse markets. Through our unique sourcing and manufacturing capabilities, we excel in meeting the diverse branding needs of clients around the world.

Future-Forward Approach:

With an eye on the future, LMS Printing and Promotions continues to evolve and expand. Our dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends ensures that we can provide cutting-edge solutions for our clients’ ever-changing branding requirements.

In essence, LMS Printing and Promotions is more than a service provider; we are a partner in your brand’s journey, committed to turning ideas into impactful realities.