Charity Partners

We are deeply invested in our community and are thrilled to partner with local Chicago organizations. If you are looking for a way to engaged local not-for-profit efforts, please use the resources below to get involved, donate and support our thriving community.

A Boy and His Dream

We believe every child has the right to play. As a foundation, we believe that physical activity is critical to a child’s development and is directly correlated to how they perform in the classroom. Our mission is to provide opportunities to underserved youth while giving back to its communities.

We have created programs that generate change in the youth who are our leaders of tomorrow. It is our mission to provide them with positive options and to speak to them in REAL TIME, to show by example, when thrown into a difficult situation, how to overcome and make the best decision for their future.

Jumping Beans Chicago

The goal of Jumping Beans Chicago is to help provide students in grades K-12, in low-income Chicago Public Schools, with the supplies necessary to promote learning.

According to a recent article in US Today, classroom teachers can spend as much as $500 of their own money to support classroom needs. Our goal is to secure as much funding as we can in order to relieve teachers from the burden of spending their own money on school supplies.

Now, who’s ready to help the incredible teachers and students of Chicago?

Holiday Heroes

The mission of Holiday Heroes is to provide joy and improved quality of life to pediatric patients through a combination of in-person and virtual programs. Holiday Heroes uses its experience, creativity, resources, and passion to inspire long-lasting joy and happy memories for pediatric patients and their families, thereby making a positive impact in their recoveries and their lives.

  • We offer (4) parties a year to each of our hospital partners.
  • We offer (4) virtual parties a year to our hospital partners.
  • Our gaming program allows pediatric patients to interact with each other throughout the hospital using the twitchTV gaming platform and Nintendo Switch system.
  • Hero Packs are distributed to our clinics and outpatient facilities.


Mission Neem

We are a group of passionate, dedicated humans in a variety of fields trying to help others through education of natural resources and organic, holistic remedies to collectively elevate the human condition.

MN5 believes that women achieve independence through education. We are a nonprofit organization committed to empowering and helping women (and those they are responsible for) through education and use of organic products. We aim to provide products and resources to elevate and empower not only their lives but their families, communities and more while honoring our planet and utilizing natural remedies and ancient wisdom by everyone’s mother, Earth.

The Nora Project

We’re on a mission to promote disability inclusion by empowering educators and engaging students and communities.

The Nora Project trains and coaches educators and offers a suite of SEL programs that dive deeply into the concepts of empathy and inclusion, explicitly addressing disability and difference as a part of human diversity.

Our programs connect what students are learning to the real world, offering them authentic opportunities to practice what they learn during direct instruction.

Soul Harbour Ranch

Mission: To enrich lives by promoting the unconditional love and healing of the human-animal bond, while advocating for therapy standards of excellence.

Our registered Pet Partners therapy animal teams, including miniature therapy horses and therapy dogs, provide emotional comfort and support to those in need. Our programs include both on-site Ranch visits (where everyone can also meet our mini pigs, mini donkeys and big horses) as well as off-site visits to hospitals, nursing homes, libraries, schools, veterans, at-risk youth, and more!

We are an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) with approximately 50 volunteers. Our programs, offered at no Charge and donation-based only, are funded solely by donations, fundraising, grants and corporate partnerships!

‘SOUL’ is also our tagline, Sharing Of Unconditional Love…it’s what our therapy animal teams do best!”

Learn more about SOUL Harbour Ranch at their website and Social Media Profiles:


** Watch the videos on SOUL Harbour Ranch’s website and YouTube Page to truly FEEL what their therapy animals do for others.

Pivoting In Heels

Pivoting in Heels, NFP is a digital Non-for-Profit dedicated to empowering Women and providing them with the insight and professional tips to successfully pivot through every area of their lives. Some of the funds raised by Pivoting in Heels is used for internship scholarships utilized by BIPOC women including training in essential leadership skills.

Retired Professional Football Players of Chicago (RPFPC)

Founded in 2003, the Retired Professional Football Players of Chicago (RPFPC) is the charitable arm of the NFL Players Association, Former Players – Chicago Chapter. Established as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, the RPFPC is comprised of former professional football players who work voluntarily to support Chicagoland causes and charities. RPFPC primarily aims to raise funds for its annual academic scholarship program and football equipment grant program for local youth.

The NFL Players Association, Former Players – Chicago Chapter is one of 33 former NFL players chapters in the nation. The primary function of the organization is to serve as a support system to former players and help members transition from their playing careers to life after football.
The organization also aims to leverage its platform for the greater good and give back to the local community. In 2012, the Chicago Chapter was voted “Chapter of the Year” for its outstanding charitable work within the Chicagoland community.